1. AirPlay TV by Joe Hewitt

    Great take on AirPlay and the rumored Apple TV. Switching sources and remote controls are the main inconveniences of modern TV’s. Oh, and if the remote is required at all, make sure it is an Eager Remote.

  2. Magic devices and the magic word.

    All talk of Siri got me thinking.
    What will happen when voice interaction with computers go mainstream.
    Will our requests become blunt and commanding?
    Could this afflict our interactions with our own kin as well?

    What if we throw positive reinforcement into the mix:
    Have devices respond quicker to polite requests.
    Might subtile variations in response time –corresponding to the politeness of the request– condition our manners toward all?

  3. Double back tap with a twist.

    With my phone –it is an iPhone– somewhere very near the bottom of the accessibility/importance chart, is the screen rotation lock. A feature you may need without warning and all of a sudden. Alas, it demands a home button double tap with a swipe and a tap, and another tap. Olympic medals are won with less complicated routines.

    I suggest, and I do not know for sure how well this works before it is tried: Toggle the screen rotation lock with a firm double tap to the back of the device.1

    It should be feasible from motion sensor data alone, taking directionality of the force into account to discern back taps from screen taps. And should provide a control so ultra-accessible it may be performed in unison with the rotation of the device.

    Any home-brew developers willing to test my thesis? Android? Let me hear what you think.

    1. Do not tell me it is a too concealed gesture to comprehend. I mean, shake to undo?!

  4. The Ideon Manifesto –Never finished.

    State of the Ideon as of 21. September 2011. Much borrowed, some stolen.

    • Solve problems. Discover problems.
    • Our work can have a huge impact – on people, and on the world.
    • Asking for help is more important than having an idea.
    • Prototype. Try. Iterate.
    • Work with the client.
    • Work with the target audience. Ask. Observe. Understand.
    • Work with diversity, without silos.
    • What we create live on. Adjust. Evolve. React.
    • The idea must be realized for the problem to be solved.
    • Good ideas come from everywhere. An idea is not better because it’s yours (but it feels that way.)
    • The best ideas build on other ideas.
  5. Advice For Aspiring Photographers.

    A post by photographer Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai (@cjnicolai) sporting the most mistitled headline I have seen in a while. It is as significant for the seasoned as to the aspiring. Not just applicable to photography but to any creative endeavor. And besides –it is awesome advice.

  6. Buy now with the simplicity of a triple click!

    ALL NEW! Introducing a revolutionary new way to shop. Any purchase is made, processed and shipped to your home as simply as a TRIPLE CLICK.

    It could have been simpler but the single click happens to be patented. This one is FREE! Now you too can provide your customers with a convenience SECOND TO ONE and that at no legal or licensing costs what so ever.1

    Buy now with a triple-click

    Try it now AT NO EXPENSE and be permitted to an EXCLUSIVE tweet.

    It is a fact that if you have a coin and I have a coin and we exchange coins then we have one coin each. If you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas it used to be true that each of us would have two ideas. Today it is more likely that we are both left with nothing and some lawyer gets two coins.2

    I propose an unpatented movement. Refrain from patenting software ideas but publish them into the public domain where they stay patentable to none and more importantly –available for anyone to implement and improve.

    Ideon open ideas is dedicated to liberate such ideas and a small contribution to the movement.3 All ideas herein are implicitly and explicitly unpatented. (By me at least.)

    How may we further the unpatented movement? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments or contact me @hpeikemo.

    1. Implement at own peril. All legal claims in this post are of the satirical sort.

    2. Parts derived from a quote attributed to Oscar winning Nobel Prize laureate George Bernard Shaw.

    3. I may seek patents and trademarks when appropriate. But never for software ideas and processes.

  7. Hacker News like button.

    Check out the Hacker News like button by Shishir Bashyal. Loved it so much I implemented something similar on this site. Getting a bit over saturated with the social buttons, but hey, I created the site to experiment with this stuff.

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