Tap to copy –click to paste.

Having a piece of information on the phone when you need it on the computer and vice versa is an increasingly recurring problem. And it becomes more prevalent the more devices you use. (I’m on four.) All sort of exotic gestures are developed to solve this. Palm/HP does touch-to-share. Google is experimenting with Deep Shot.

But why not do it simply. Most people are familiar with the clipboard metaphor and the infrastructure for a Cloud Clipboard is already1 in place for some platforms.

Copy data between devices

Once you enable your devices to use Cloud Clipboard anything you copy to the cloud is available on all devices. That be snippets of text but also photos, videos, and anything the clipboard supports.

If cloud clipboard is released as an open protocol it becomes possible to copy/paste between Androids, iPhones, webOS, Mac OS X, Windows, and more. There will still be a need to transfer information to friends and devices outside of your private cloud. And for that we will need some sort of standardized handshake2. Until then a private cloud clipboard solves 95% of the use cases.

What do you think? I’m not in the position to implement this but Apple is. And I would love to hear your comments and ideas.

  1. Once iOS 5 and iCloud is released that is.

  2. Eventually an open protocol employing Bluetooth, Bumping or most probably NFC should make it possible to do ad-hoc transfers between devices.