Introducing: Footnotify Safari Extension.

Until now, proper footnotes have required bookmarklets or scripts embedded on individual pages. But with this new extension; beautiful footnotes are automatically enabled on any page where the footnote-markup is parseable.

Nice footnotes on Wikipedia

Try before you install1 ← Go ahead, click the footnote!

Install: Download the extension bundle. Double click the the downloaded file to install to Safari –and enjoy a better footnotes experience on many sites. 2

This early release is not thoroughly optimized. It’s not much worse than anything else out there but I would like to find a way to defer loading of jQuery and more until actual footnotes are detected on a page. Presently I have not found a way to conditionally inject scripts.

Find bugs? Let me know. If you’d like to port this extension to other browsers. Just do that; more details in this post.

Update: A Chrome Extension have been published.

  1. With the Footnotify extension more sites get pop-over footnotes.

  2. Footnotes on major sites like Wikipedia, Daring Fireball and Brooks Review are enhanced with this extension.