Cure for Jurisdyslexia Discovered.

Let’s make the Creative Commons of contracts.

If you consider yourself a creative there is a good chance you suck at contracts. If you are good at contracts you are a wise creative. And Creative Contracts enable everyone to be wise creatives.

Common Contracts are similar to Creative Commons in almost every way –full attribution here, Professor L. You mix and match ready made clauses to fit your project. Payment, deliveries, ownership, non disclosure and whatnot. Every clause is written in plain speak with full implications stated in clear. Then of course backed by the legal speak that lawyers like.

Common Contracts launch with a web service to construct your contract: Select jurisdiction, define every party, choose the appropriate clauses, and export a legal document ready to be signed. And bring peace of mind to big clients, small clients, agencies, subcontractors and freelancers alike.

Attribution is due to Mike Monteiro and Gabe Levine as well for bringing awareness to the prevalence of jurisdyslexia1 in our industry. So good to know I’m not the only one. So many to cure.

Only thing left is to make it.

  1. Term just coined by me.