An inconvenient precaution.

Protecting your phone with a passcode is sensible and it is very inconvenient and I do not secure my devices for that reason. I know I should –and I would– if only we could pick what apps to protect. I’d require a passcode for Mail and for my notes app and keep most other apps unprotected. When someone nab my iPhone at least they may use the calculator.

A per-app based passcode lock is enabled in the settings. Apps would be protected by default and you may choose what apps to have accessible without passcode. Described in the context of an iOS device but the concept is applicable to any platform.

  • When locked and the active app is protected, you are required to enter the passcode.
  • You may bypass the passcode by going to the home screen.
  • Entering the correct passcode once make all apps accessible until the lock is reinstated.
  • When locked, protected apps are indicated with a badge on their icon.