A footnote for you Siracusa.

You nailed it again John. This time on Footnotes1. Just by forcing the eyes to move; footnotes distract when reading things. Gruber’s in page footnote links offer some alleviation but that still require you to scan back to where you left off just because the page position changes when you hit that back link. There’s no reason for this on our expensive computer screens. So what you sparked is this little idea to improve the John Gruber method. Click the footnotes to experience my simple proof of concept.

To try this elsewhere: Footnotify ← Drag this to your bookmarks bar. Click it once to activate Footnotify on the page you visit2 and when you click a supported footnote it will will appear like on this page, click again to hide it, and you never lose track of where you left off.

This version is only tested on daringfireball.net so far3 –but hey– what else is there? Full source code at github. Make sure you tell people so it may be improved upon.

Update: This page is Footnotify-enabled by default. And you may have it too by loading this script on your site. Feel free to contact me @hpeikemo with questions and comments.

  1. When talking about how and why John writes at 1:25 into Hypercritical episode 23.

  2. This updated version toggle Footnotify on and off with subsequent clicks.

  3. As per Siracusa’s suggestion I have created a test page by adding some footnotes to this post. Footnotify should thus work for all sites using Markdown Extra footnotes.